Brown & Coconut


My good friend, Letisha and her sister recently launched a skincare line called "Brown & Coconut" and with my personal campaign of "#BigUpYourFriends2k16" I had to buy some of their products to test out! 

Before we get into what I bought, let me introduce you all to the company! Brown & Coconut focuses on natural skin care by creating products that have simple ingredients, that pack amazing results! 

Letisha and Zeena Brown have created Brown & Coconut to help people of all ages find solutions for an array of skin problems, all while using organic and natural products. OH! They also have a fantastic wellness blog that I think you all should check out HERE

How beautiful are they?!  image source

How beautiful are they?! image source

So, lets get into what I bought. My face decided that it wanted to show out (not in a good way) not too long ago. I finally figured out what cleanser I needed specifically for my face but I needed to add some masks into my regiment. So, when I saw that there were 2 different types of masks available at Brown & Coconut, I did not hesitate to purchase. I know how Letisha lives her life, (LOL!) in terms of natural foods and products so I knew that I had to try these out. 

One of the masks that I bought was the Kale Mask: 

This mask is used to clarify, heal and tone your face. It is 4oz and cost $18. 

This mask left my face feeling moisturized and bright. During the drying time, I didn't feel the uncomfortable pull of my face like some other masks, but it was a comfortable tightness (I mean, it IS a mask). I have also started to see the scarring beginning to fade from when my face decided to have a break out party. 

The only thing that I think you all should be aware of, is the fact that this is a KALE mask which means it smells like, KALE Lol! There are no fragrances added to any of these masks, which personally, I think is a good thing, however, if you don't like the smell of the clays and specifically the scent of kale then you should... give it a try anyway and suck it up. :p

I decided to include some texture shots for you all and how the masks looks applied. 

**Don't mind my B'iore Strip, I am currently testing those out for review. **

The next exfoliant/mask I picked up was the Hibiscus Cleansing Grains 

This exfoliant/mask is used to exfoliate, brighten and firm. This product is also 4oz and cost $16. 

THIS IS MY FAVORITE EXFOLIANT/MASK EVER! I loved this sooo much. Girl. 

I love this so much *sigh* So much! It left my skin feeling so soft and refreshed, like I just walked out of the spa. It left this cooling feeling on my face that I fell in love with!

As an exfoliant, it is sensitive enough that you don't feel like your face is ripping off, but strong enough, that you know the dead skin is lifting from your face. I use this with my hand 2x a week and once using my Clarisonic MIA 2

I also love this because it doubles as a mask! So, when I exfoliate with it, I will leave it on my face for 20 mins for some extra love. 

I also love how this smells! The oats and the hibiscus really marry well for a fresh organic scent. Again, there are no added fragrances in this so you can smell all the ingredients. If you pick up anything, pick this up! I hit the sickest body roll when I started applying this to my face, because, GIRL! 

Here are some texture shots of this exfoliant/mask:

Here are some tips I think you should know:

  • I use these masks at least 3 times a week. This can be adjusted based on your skin type and skin sensitivity.

  • Water is NOT your only option to mix these products. For the Kale mask I added 1 part water, 1 part aloe vera juice and 2 part Kale mask. I think it is okay if you use products that won't interfere with the nutrients of the other ingredients.

  • To apply the product I use a facial brush. This is not a necessity however, to limit the amount of mess I make, I find using a facial brush helpful. It also, evenly distributes the product so you are getting the most from them. *I use a different brush than the one linked above, but they are similar*

  • Relax. Seriously, relax. Enjoy your 20 to 30 minutes of peace while these are drying. I genuinely feel you get better results if you just chill out. It's not scientifically proven but it is Kendrifically proven.

*sidenote: The clay bowl that is pictured above is also available on Brown & Coconut* 

Brown & Coconut has more all natural products available on there site, so head over and give them a try for yourself. I would love to hear what you all think of it! 

For a list of all products and ingredients head over to Brown & Coconut