Beychella/Coachella 2018


This post is long overdue. Again I will speak in detail about my “break,” but for now, here ya go LOL! April 2018, me and my best friend made the journey to Indio, California to attend Coachel *ahem* excuse me, Beychella and I am so glad that we did. 

The How

In June of 2017, I was actually at Governor's ball when the payment plan pre-sale happened for Coachella 2018. Ari, calls me while I am waiting to see WuTang like “So, we doing this or what?” and I followed that with “absolutely.” With my confirmation, Ari waited in the queue. We decided if we are going to do Coachella, we are going to DO Coachella aka VIP Admission and staying on the grounds. Now let me say this, IF IT WERE NOT FOR THAT PAYMENT PLAN, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED, OKAY?! I am not even trying to flex, because it was expensive child. If you want to know the cost, ask me or something because honestly, I have put that behind me and would actually go through and calculate everything if you truly want to know, just so much money *face palm*. We split payments from June to December of 2017. Officially paying for everything by December.

The Logistics 

We attended weekend 2 because we heard musically everyone’s performances were better (seeing Homecoming, we know this to be true) and there are fewer celebrities, meaning fewer crowds. Perfect. 

We flew into LAX, we thankfully secured our car rental months, I mean months in advance. I would advise everyone to do so because there were no cars available to walk-in customers. We loaded up the car and spent the day in LA, grabbing In-n-Out, securing final outfit details before heading to Indio. 

Everything was smooth until we hit “Wind Advisory, Campgrounds will not open until lifted.” 

Now, I’m from Boston and we get heavy winds, Nor’easters, alladat, but BABY, that desert wind would make The Rock fly like Dorothy. We sought refuge at the local Walmart, ate some more food (this was a theme that weekend) and took a nap. Around 1am the advisory had been lifted and we made our way to Lake El Dorado. I won’t even bore you with how long it took us to get to our lodging but just know, it was long. It must have been the adrenaline of actually making it there from planning in 2017 to waiting out a wind advisory that we decided at 3am to set up our tent. 

And finally… rest.

The Good Stuff

Day One: “I just wanted to look like a Witch”

Really, that was my inspiration. I just wanted to go for “Soft Witch.” I ended up having a shoe change so I included both shoes in the details. This was a fun day, getting to understand the grounds and get your typically Coachella pics.



Top: Lazy Oaf

Undergarment: Amazon

Choker: Wet Seal (when they were in existence)

Glasses: Rainbow

Boots: Dolls Kill

Sneakers: Vans

Day Two: “BeyDay”

This was Beyonce’s day and it was a loaded line up that required us to get up and out pretty early to see everyone before Beyonce’s set, thus causing an outfit change. 




Glasses: Dolls Kill

Sneakers: Vans



Top: Adorned by Chi

Bottoms: H&M (yearsss ago)

Sneakers: Vans

Glasses: Rainbow

Earrings: Dolls Kill

Day Three: “Black Girls take Coachella”

This day was an ode to Blackness and all of our excellence. It also was the day with the most Black artists so you get the vibe. Besides Beyonce the day before (because she was AMAZING!) this was the best day, the music was good, we were acclimated to the grounds and knew everywhere we wanted to go and everyone we wanted to see. It was beautiful.



Top: Amazon*

Undergarment: Amazon

Choker: Amazon*

Glasses: Rainbow

Sneakers: Vans

Would I do it again?

If I went to Coachella again, I would do it the exact same way I did it. Literally no changes unless they were upgrades, then obviously I would. However, I just don’t know who would be the artist that would draw me all the way out there again. I am definitely glad I had the experience.