A Very Fall Weekend


I spent this past weekend sewing pillowcases and picking apples (How New England?!). I had a very interesting time on Saturday sewing these damn pillowcases, but I will share the process later.

On Sunday, My family and I went apple picking at one of our favorite places, Shelbourne Farms. We have all been super busy, and were not able to go earlier in the season, so we took advantage of the last weekend for apple picking. The weather was perfect for it, but there were so many people making use of their late passes for apple picking. 

The line to get into the orchard was pretty long so we decided that some of us will go into the shop to get apple cider donuts (these are better than anything pumpkin spice, don't fight me on this) while the rest waited in the orchard line to pick apples. 

This plan worked perfectly. I was able to get some shots of the store before it got super busy and more importantly, we got our donuts. I think I would have cried if I didn't get any cider donuts before the season was over. I got a dozen if you are wondering lol! 

Here are some shots of the store:

After we secured our donuts (It's that serious), we were able to catch up with the rest of the Eddy/Sika crew to head into the orchard and begin picking apples. 

Since this was the last weekend for apple picking, most of the trees were already picked. We had the option of Red Delicious Apples and Golden Delicious Apples, we did find some Macoun apples along the way. 

We made the best of it. Apple picking with my family is a yearly fall tradition and one of my favorite ones that we have (We have A LOT!) I was even more excited because I got to dust the camera off a bit and take advantage of natural lighting. 

Check out some pics from the rest of our trip: