You Have To Start Somewhere


Recently I have been thinking about, well myself (as I have been doing a lot of since I've entered the dark ages of my twenties) and in my thinking I asked the question; why I have never really done anything alone? I'm not talking about anything super serious but, I've never gone to the movies or to a museum or play alone. Like, why have I never done this?!

I would love to give this deep ass answer as to the fears of doing things alone, but the thought doesn't make me feel super uncomfortable, so I don't think it is that (could it? I don't know). However, what I DO know the answer is, laziness LOL!

So, this spring/summer '16 until whenever I get bored of going places by myself, I will chose places, events and things to go to alone. This will not replace going places with my friends because they are bomb, but I will make it a point to engage in some outside activity by myself.

Some of the activities include: Going to the museum, going to the movies and having dinner at a table, not at the bar, alone. I will document aka post about where my adventures by myself take me. 

*Side note: I was inspired by this Buzzfeed post.

**Side, Side note: Warm by Joey Pecoraro is some great sounds.