Who Knew A Best Friend Could Have Fur?


Today my furry baby, Kingsley, turns 3! I have become that crazy dog lady and I don't care, because he is too cute! I got Kingsley from my friend Denni (Hey Girl!) when he was just over 2 months and he has been my homie ever since. Anyone who meets him, loves him (don't fight me on this) and thinks he is super odd looking, which he is. He's a weird little quirky thing and I adore him. It is only right that he makes an appearance on my blog because he is a major part of my life! And yes, I know I am talking about a dog. Anyway, enjoy some pictures of my doggy and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KINGSLEY!


*Side note* I know he is extra special because he shares his birthday with Prince George, so we are practically cousins. 

Happy Birthday Little Buddy!