Summertime Thoughts

This summer I have my mind set on many things, one of which I wrote in a post here. But I just wanted to make a short (we'll see how short) list of I guess goals I want to accomplish this summer. I chose to write them down on the blog so I can hold myself accountable and visibly check things off. I think this list is far beyond a summer list but "You Have To Start Somewhere"

1. Go do things by myself. You can check out my post about this in the links above.

2. Go to at least one concert each month. (√June, July & August)

3. Wear a backless top without a cover up. Now, lets talk about this one. I have plenty, plenty, too many backless articles of clothing that I wear with something covering my back. Its a slight insecurity, that I find frustrating! It ruins my whole outfit aesthetic! *breathe* Anyway, I need to get the fuck over it and let my back out so people can catch my entire "fly and cocky fresh".

4. Go to the Beach at least once per week. (We'll see how the New England weather holds up for this one.)

5. Commit to my Gym schedule weekly. (NO EXCUSES)

6. Create a Visible list of YouTube ideas and conquer them. (Yes, I just wrote on my list to create another list. My Blog, my rules. I should get that tattooed)

7. Speaking of Tattoos; Finish my half sleeve. (Tattoos are so expensive, but so worth it!)

8. Finish my summer course with all of my edges. Like, do I even have to explain that one? I have a video about grad school on my YouTube Channel, check it out!

√ 9. Clean/Organize my room partially using the KonMari Method (I say partially, because that shit is intense.) 

10. Say "Yes" more often.

11. Stop Second guessing myself.

12. Stop stressing the little things.

13. Take a dance class.

14. Wear a new lipstick everyday. (I've tried this, figured I'd give it another shot this summer)

*Sidenote* This list was inspired by Isatta's Life list on her blog! Be sure to check it out because its bomb!